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M.F.RachalsBrand Story

M.F.Rachals German Rachals piano, founded by Rachals I (1801-1866) in Hamburg, Germany in 1832, is

A famous piano manufacturer in the history of the German piano industry, the leader of removable upright pianos, and the creator of the world's first automatic piano.

In 1989, M.F.Rachals won the gold medal production honor in Hamburg, Germany. In 1893, M.F.Rachals won the Chicago World's Fair Gold Medal.

In 1903, M.F.Rachals produced the world's first automatic piano. In 1972, M.F.Rachals was recognized by the piano manufacturing

The book "Piano and their Makers" was mainly included and won the title of German National Treasure M.F.Rachals, the highest honor of "Federal Manufacturing" in Germany.

The ordinary has gone far, the classics continue

The glorious history of 189 years has witnessed M.F.Rachals. From the 19th century to today, M.F.Rachals pianos have gone through historical accumulation and become perfect day by day.

185 Yeas Legeng Prince Albert's custom-made birthday gift for Queen Victoria Royal custom art piano

Time flies, for a hundred years we have always stubbornly inherited the traditional "M.F.Rachals Classic Sound"-a powerful, clean and bright romantic sound.

The first generation of Rochelles established a piano company named M.F.RACHALS in Hamburg in 1832.

The second generation of Rochelles In 1889, Little Rochelle and his handmade M.F.Rachals piano won the gold medal production honor in Hamburg, Germany.

The third generation of Rochelles Adolf Ferdinand Rachals, son of Jr. Rochelle In 1903, M.F.RACHALS produced the world's first automatic piano.

The fourth and fifth generations of Rochelles. In 1963, the American company Aeolian acquired the M.F.Rachals brand, but it was still managed by the Rochelles;

In 1985, the American company Aeolian sold the M.F.Rachals brand to Stefan, a German piano maker.

Now, Rochelle produces no more than 400 pianos each year, and each one is a masterpiece that can stand the test of the times and is worthy of family inheritance. In 2017, China opened its first flagship store in Shanghai.

M.F.RACHALSHistorical Heritage

Inheriting 187 years of violin making technology and Rachals expert team

The chief tuning master Stfan is the core figure of Rachals's piano technical team. He is responsible for leading and coordinating the technical training of German Rachals piano technicians around the world.

Our goal from beginning to end is to give all M.F.RACHALS pianos a pure German gold tone, and to carry forward this classic German sound.

M.F.RACHALS has a high-level expert team; original design and technological innovation; technical updates and quality enhancements for existing models of products;

Design and optimize the tone of each M.F.RACHALS piano; product quality inspection

Rachals Global

Rachals retail stores are located in major cultural centers around the world,

These include: