Children’s dreams cannot wait, Rochelle’s "Piano Scholarship" is here! ! !
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On the occasion of the 187th anniversary of the establishment of the Rochelle piano brand and the 5th anniversary of its entry into the Chinese market, in order to thank customers for their consistent support and love over the years, and based on the original intention of giving back to customers, Rochelle Piano specially launched the "New Year Music Dream, Roche Scholarship” discount promotion activities.



Enjoy triple luxury gifts during the event



1. During the event, customers who purchase any model of Rochelle brand pianos within ten years, if the piano is upgraded to a series of Rochelle pianos imported from Germany, up to the original purchase price of the piano can be deducted.



2. During the event, customers who purchase pianos can enjoy a free piano tuning service in addition to the one-time free tuning stipulated in the original "German Rochelle Piano MFRACHALS Piano Warranty and Maintenance Regulations". This service should be authorized for distribution Provided by the supplier.



3. Customers who purchase the designated model Rochelle MFRACHALS piano during the event will get a chance to win a "New Year Music Dream" Rochelle Piano Scholarship, 100% winning, and the prize is the Rochelle MFRACHALS piano cash coupon Cash out the deduction on the spot.

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