Russian piano masters and German Rochelle pianos help Mercedes-Benz launch a new generation of long-wheelbase E-class sedan
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Russian piano masters and German Rochelle pianos help Mercedes-Benz launch a new generation of long-wheelbase E-class sedan
The iteration of time witnesses the wise man’s courage to advance with the times

Recently, a new generation of Mercedes-Benz long-wheelbase E-class cars The listing ceremony ended successfully at Nanjing International Expo Center.

World-renowned Russian piano master and professor of St. Petersburg State Conservatory of Music Andrei
·Ivanovic Mr. (first from left), joined hands with Rochelle Piano of Germany and Mr. Zhu Xinyuan, President of Rochelle China (second from left) to help Mercedes-Benz listing ceremony, and with the national first-class actor and famous Kunqu Opera artist Shan Xiaoming (first from right) ), performing on the same stage, combining Chinese and Western, just like Mercedes-Benz and MFRachals, which originated in Germany and penetrated into China, becoming more and more in line with Chinese aesthetics. At the same time, it coincides with the first work of German Rochelle piano designed specifically for the Chinese market. Rosewood” Come out, double happiness, I wish Ben and Luo a big hit!

Andre·Ivanovic The professor used Rochelle K210 grand piano to perform live

  Andre·Ivanovic was born in Bucharest, Romania, and his family includes Russians, Serbs and Romanians. The Ivanovic family’s surname first received widespread attention from his great-grandfather Yang, a pianist and composer.·Ivanovic, he is the creator of the popular waltz "Waves of the Danube".
  Andre·Ivanovic’s early music education began with a visit to the music middle school in Bukharest, when he was just 6 years old. One year later, in the professional tutor, the famous Romanian pianist George·Under the recommendation of Valenkina, Andrei came to Russia to pass the primary school attached to the Leningrad Conservatory of Music. Since then, his life has become closely related to Russia.
  After years of learning, Andre·Ivanovic has won many prizes in domestic and international youth piano competitions. In those years he gave the first public performances, such as the October Concert Hall (1981), the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall (1983) and the Cabella National Model Concert Hall (one performance per year since 1984).
  Andre·After Ivanovic’s concert in Moscow in 1987, professor and pianist Lev·Vlasenko wrote: "Andrei Andrei Ivanovic, who recently performed at the Moscow Conservatory of Music, is such an outstanding pianist."
  From 1987 to 1992, Andre·Ivanovic continued his studies at the Leningrad Conservatory of Music (St. Petersburg) and the Moscow Academy of Music, combining the rich traditions of the St. Petersburg and Moscow piano schools.
  Since 1993, Andre·Ivanovic lived in Europe and perfected his piano playing skills at the Karlsruhe Higher Music School. Here he not only won the "Concert Pianist" certificate, but also won awards in the same large-scale competitions, such as:"Stiftung Tomassoni" piano competition in Cologne (Germany)、Salerno piano competition (Italy)、"Casagrande" piano competition in Terni (Italy)、"Ennio Porrino" piano competition in Cagliari (Italy)、"World piano competition" in Cincinnati (United States)。      
“……In the performance, people think back to the young Ashkenaki to a large extent, and even to a greater extent the unforgettable Dinu·Lipatti’s recording, this is by no means an excessive compliment"-New York Music Review "New York concert review" in Andre·Ivanovich wrote after the triumphant debut at Carnegie Hall.The commentators from Germany also agree with the American publicity evaluation: " pianist" ("Rheinland"); "This is an artist who works with the most serious attitude and respect for his works; A pianist does not put the magic of the keys or the performance of the artist himself in the foreground even in the most exquisite works, but who promotes the things behind the music" (Berlin).
  With Andre·Ivanovic’s concerts continue to increase and have attracted the attention of domestic and foreign record companies. From 1999 to 2002, Andrei·Ivanovic has released a total of 15 albums, and the composers who interpreted are: Mozart, Debussy, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Scheidrin, Rachmaninov, Grieg, of course, indispensable His favorite Chopin.
  In 2003, the British BBC Broadcasting Company recorded by Andre·Yevgne, the world conductor master played by Ivanovich·Piano works by Muraviinsky. This event became the world premiere. In 2003, in view of his achievements in popularizing piano music in Poland, Andrei·Ivanovic was awarded the title of honorary member of the Chopin Society.
  Andre·Ivanovic participated in the celebration of the famous Russian conductor Yevgeny·In a concert for the 100th anniversary of Muravinsky's birth, he performed Beethoven's Fifth Piano Concerto in cooperation with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Alexander·Vavelina·Muraviinsky, the conductor’s widow, wrote in a comment after the concert: “I have not heard such a powerful interpretation of Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto in the past 30 years. The last time I had a similar impression was Alto. Luo·Benedetto·Michelangelo played...".
  In May 2004, in view of Andrei·Ivanovic’s affirmation and artistic superiority, he was invited by Duke Lennart Bernadotteon to perform for the European princes and heads of government at the Earl’s House of Minarwood Island, including King Karl XVI of Sweden·Gustav.
  Andre·Ivanovic’s art is well-known to European audiences. He has participated in music festivals that attract worldwide attention, such as: "Ludwigsburg International Music Festival" (Germany), "White Nights Music Festival" (St. Petersburg, Russia), " "Piano Star" (Latvia), live radio and recording including NDR, SWR, "Orfeo", etc.
  In recent years, Russian works have made Andrei·Ivanovic gained a reputation in Europe and became the most outstanding musician who interprets Russian piano music.
  2015 Andre·Ivanovic became a member of the board of directors of the German Rachmaninov Society.
  Andre·Ivanovic’s long-term symphony orchestras include: Russian State Orchestra, St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Petersburg Model Symphony Orchestra, Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Rhineland -Palatinate Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.
  In recent years with Andre·Ivanovic’s chief and well-known musicians include: Mikhail·Pletnev, Yuri·Kimi Legonov, Yoma·Panura, Rio·Kleiman, Inoue Daoyi, Wolfgang Gonnenwein, Werner·Stefer, Alexander·Celenushko, Vladimir·Arrit Schulele.
  Since 1996, Andre·Ivanovic’s performance activities and teaching are combined at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory of Music, also known as Rimsky·He has been a professor at the Korsakov Conservatory of Music until now, and is now invited to serve as a guest professor at the Harbin Conservatory of Music in China.
  He often accepts invitations to participate in international piano competitions as a judge and also works at the International Academy of Music. Andre·Ivanovic often holds master classes in Russia and other countries. Among his students, many international competition winners can be found, and he has the support of national project funds.

In the art exhibition area at the German Mercedes-Benz car conference, the 188th anniversary tribute of the German Rochelle piano, "China One", also celebrated its first public appearance along with his German fellow.

"China One" is the first work specially designed by Rochelle for the Chinese market, also known as: Rosewood piano, adhering to the "Song aesthetic style", the whole piano is simple and simple, and the outer shell is mainly made of traditional rosewood. The pure copper hardware is designed in Chinese style to form a vivid and enthusiastic Chinese visual aesthetic experience. It may be the first new Chinese concept piano on the Chinese market. This product is currently only sold in China.

M.F.Rachals【Rosewood】make the new Chinese piano stunning the world

Zhu Xinyuan, President of Rochelle China (left), Ni Kefei, Manager of East China Region of Mercedes-Benz (right), and Andre·Professor Ivanovic (middle)
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